August 2016

LDREC was recently given consent by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to proceed with a public offering of shares for investment in a Government of Ontario Feed-In Tariff (“FIT”) photo-voltaic (PV) solar energy contracted project.

A description of all terms and conditions for the shares are included in an Offering Statement, issued under the ‘Co-operative Corporations Act’ (click to launch):


For instructions and further information on investing, please refer to  ‘Prospective Investors’ menu selection.

London District Renewable Energy Co-operative Inc. (LDREC) is a co-operative focused on developing and investing in renewable energy projects in the London area.

The Co-operative is governed by a board of directors made up of the following people: Susan Shaw (Chair & President), J Gary Zavitz (Secretary & VP), Jeff Wareham (Treasurer), Steve Glickman, Derek Macartney, George Sinclair and Craig Linton.


LDREC On The Media

Membership to LDREC requires a one-time investment of $400 and completion of an Membership Subscription Agreement (click to download). For further info on this agreement, please email and provide your full name and email address.

Please refer to the Prospective Investors menu for information on how to apply and subscribe to the share offering.